High-Speed Dry Commodity Applicator

The Kwik-Kover was designed to combine cover crop, nutrient and dry fertilizer application with high-speed disk tillage.


Cylinder Stops

We’ve Got You Kovered!

The team at Norwood Sales, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of an additional optional feature to our Kwik-Till High Speed Disc. In cooperation with MonTag Manufacturing, we are now offering a dry fertilizer, nutrient and cover crop applicator for all new bi-fold and tri-fold units (HSD1600 to HSD4500). We are also offering a dealer installed kit on our 2018 to 2022 units of the same size.



Stainless Steel Hopper

Built for excellent corrosion resistance, for use on dry fertilizer, nutrients or cover crops. Stainless steel components are found throughout the Kwik-Kover.


HDPE Auger Meters

Eight individual High Density Polyethylene auger meters ensure proper metering of the commodity to the main hoses. hoses can be split to achieve the desired distribution width from the defelctors.

Commodity Deflector

Adjustable Commodity Deflectors

Easily adjustable 10-position stainless steel commodity deflectors ensure a proper distribution pattern and long wear life.

Commodity Deflector

PWM Metering Control

Pulse Width Modulation allows for control of the product metering system and the fan with only one hydraulic SCV required. The block includes safety valves to protect the fan seals and reduces heat in the hydraulic system.

Fan and Gauge

Crary Fan & Dwyer Air Gauge

Industry standard for quality, high performance with low hydraulic requirements. Accurate fan pressure gauge is hard mounted.


Isobus Scale System

The 2108 comes "Scale Ready" for either a digital or ISOBUS solution.


Multiple Controller Options

Compatible with basic rate controllers or can be operated with ISO rate controllers, such as the MonTag ISO controller.