Kwik-Till Kwik-Till

Make "Kwik" Work of Your Fields with this High Speed Disk Tillage Tool!

Tri-Fold Models and Specifications


Bi-Fold Models and Specifications


Mono-Fold Models and Specifications


Depth Control

Cylinder Stops

Cylinder Stops

  • Standard on HSD800-HSD1200
  • Helps control depth into the ground.
  • Located right on the cylinders.
  • Can be set in half-inch increments.
Depth Control

Single Point Depth Control

  • Standard on HSD1600-HSD4500
  • The single point depth control system located on the front side of the bi-fold and tri-fold models allows quick and easy adjustment of the front and rear depth cylinders rather than having to change depth stops on each cylinder.

Disc Hub

Disc Hubs

  • Relubrication-free: Integrated solution increases farm productivity. Suitable for virtually any agricultural implement arm, the greaseless hub for tillage discs is a robust, easy fit hub sealing solution. The unit features a flanged outer ring that is pre-drilled and taped to accommodate a disc. A stationary inner ring fitted with a threaded stub shaft helps ensure fast, easy mounting.

High Flotation Tires

High Flotation Tires

  • Goodyear Superflot AG Tires
    • Unsurpassed Flotation
    • Large contact area
    • Excellent weight distribution for reduced ground-bearing pressure & less soil compaction

Vertical Jack

Vertical Hydraulic Jack

  • Provides quick, easy disconnection from tractor. 
  • Lifts vertically without moving machine back and forward. 
  • Less moving parts for a simpler more reliable operation.



  • The accumulator is used in conjunction with a cross over relief valve to protect the wing cylinders from damage. Helps prevent damage by overextending cylinders or if the float position is forgotten to be in place before use.

Individually Mounted Discs



  • 17° Angle, 0° Pitch front gangs.
  • 14° Angle, 0° Pitch rear gangs.
  • 10" Staggered spacing resulting in 5" overall spacing.
  • 3/4" Thick mild steel shanks.
Rubber Torsion

Rubber Torsion and Protection

  • Four natural rubber elements provide a pretension, allowing the discs to follow the contour of the land. Skating over obstructions and springing back to operating position. Each shank is independent, allowing for ideal flow of residue.

Nylon Bushing

Nylon Bushings

  • Nylon bushings replace greased steel on steel pins at all pivot points. They provide a long service life and eliminates daily greasing.

Gauge Wheels

Gauge Wheels

  • The optional mechanically adjustable gauge wheel on the 2100 and 2450 bi-fold models will assist the unit in following the contour of rolling hills and drainage ditches in the field.

LED Lights

LED Lights

  • LED Lighting for high visibility and durability.



  • Adjustable dirt deflector reduces ridging in the field.

20" Discs

20" Notched Flat Center Disc Blades

  • Provides aggressive control over soil tillage.
  • The disc option does an excellent job in soil penetration and residue management

20" Smooth Flat Center Disc Blades

  • Provides careful control over soil tillage.
  • The disc option does an excellent job in tilling and inverting soil.

Cage Rollers

    Works best in Dry, Non-sticky soil conditions. Cage ensures disintegration of any clumps, provides an even seedbed and moderate compaction.

Spring Rollers

    Works best in heavier, dense soil conditions. Spring Rollers create a level seedbed with moderate consolidation.

Rubber Rollers

    An all around excellent roller. Suitable for any type of soil or soil conditions and offers very good consolidation.

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